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2018 graphic design trends

5 Graphic Design Trends to get Started on in 2018

It look’s like we’re always at least a year behind in trends. There’s something hot and new that we should all be focusing on every single week that passes. Design, however, tends to be different. We’re at a standstill where everything visual is unique if you try hard enough. Even old-fashioned fonts, if used today,  … Read more

Why Use WordPress for Your Small Business

Why you Should Use WordPress for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you’ve probably thought to yourself about how essential it is to have a company website. Or maybe you have a website, but it looks terrible. That can be because of number of things: bad web design, terrible hosting or irresponsible domain issues. No matter what the issue is, it is  … Read more

2018 SEO trends

2018 SEO Trends All Small Businesses Should Know

If anyone wants their small business to start booming and be seen by customers on a constant basis, they’ll need their SEO to be well above par. SEO trends are hard too keep up with these days, especially with search engines algorithms constantly changing. If a small business decided to follow the SEO trends of  … Read more

5 Web Design Tips for Small Businesses

5 Web Design Tips for Small Businesses

Don’t take this the wrong way, but so many small businesses have failed due to poor web design. You’d be surprised how many companies fail to include “top-quality web designer” on their to-do lists. If you don’t always have the budget to hire a thousand-dollar web design company, you should make sure the web designer you  … Read more

How to Create an Affordable Marketing Budget for Your Small Business

How to Create an Affordable Marketing Budget for Your Small Business

You’ve finally thrown in the towel and decided what your small business could use is some outsourced marketing. Don’t worry, it isn’t uncommon. In fact, it is recommended that you outsource specific marketing niches for your small business, especially if you’re seeking to grow as a company. Now that you’ve invested a bunch of time  … Read more

social media marketing

5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Your Small Business

So many businesses look at social media as some teenage fad that will die out soon enough. It doesn’t even cross their mind that it may be a perfect marketing platform for lead generation or growth hacking. Nope, it’s just a term they throw around to get people interested in them while appearing to be  … Read more

Responsive Web Design

Why Small Businesses Should Have a Responsive Web Design

What do you use when you want to surf the web on the fly? We all know the answer. Yup, it’s your phone. More and more businesses forget the importance of responsive web design nowadays. Small businesses, stay alert! This article can make or break your online community and success! What is responsive web design?  … Read more

copywriting techniques

Copywriting Techniques for Small Businesses

As a small business or nonprofit, it’s important that your content is high quality and effective. This does not necessarily mean you have to go out and spend a $65k salary on a copywriting expert. It just means that you should master these copywriting techniques. Copywriting masters know exactly how to utilize the following techniques  … Read more

Amazing Infographics

How to Design Amazing Infographics

Pretty much everywhere you go online, you’re going to find an infographic. A couple of main sources that harbor some of the world’s most extensive and appealing infographics include Pinterest, Tumblr and website blog pages. People find themselves reading blog posts and articles every single day without even noticing it. And a lot of the  … Read more

small business marketing

How Small Business Marketing is Different

All marketing strategies generally follow the same flow, but strategies and tactics tend to differ from company to company. However, when dealing with small business marketing, the truth is that it is much more personal and defined than that of a major company. Small businesses tend to view marketing as a luxury dedicated solely to  … Read more