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How to Create an Affordable Marketing Budget for Your Small Business

How to Create an Affordable Marketing Budget for Your Small Business

You’ve finally thrown in the towel and decided what your small business could use is some outsourced marketing. Don’t worry, it isn’t uncommon. In fact, it is recommended that you outsource specific marketing niches for your small business, especially if you’re seeking to grow as a company. Now that you’ve invested a bunch of time  … Read more

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5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Your Small Business

So many businesses look at social media as a some teenage fad that will die out soon enough. It doesn’t even cross their mind that it may be a perfect marketing platform for lead generation or growth hacking. Nope, it’s just a term they throw around to get people interested in them while appearing to  … Read more

Responsive Web Design

Why Small Businesses Should Have a Responsive Web Design

What do you use when you want to surf the web on the fly? We all know the answer. Yup, it’s your phone. More and more businesses forget the importance of responsive web design nowadays. Small businesses, stay alert! This article can make or break your online community and success! What is Responsive Web Design?  … Read more

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Copywriting Techniques for Small Businesses

As a small business or non-profit, it’s important that your content is high quality and effective. This does not necessarily mean you have to go out and spend a $65k salary on a copywriting expert, it just means that you’ve got to master these copywriting techniques. Copywriting masters know exactly how to utilize the following  … Read more

Amazing Infographics

How to Design Amazing Infographics

  Pretty much everywhere you go online, you’re going to find an infographic. A couple of main sources that harbor some of the world’s most extensive and appealing infographics include Pinterest, Tumblr and website blog pages. People find themselves reading blog posts and articles every single day without even noticing it. And a lot of  … Read more

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How Small Business Marketing is Different

All marketing strategies generally follow the same flow, but strategies and tactics tend to differ from company to company. However, when dealing with small business marketing, the truth is that it is much more personal and defined than that of a major company. Small businesses tend to view marketing as a luxury dedicated solely to  … Read more

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What Good Graphic Design Can Do for You

Graphic design is an amazing way to create art on a digital platform. Yes, we said it, graphic design is art. It is digital art for websites, social media, and the internet in general. It visually conveys messages via image, text, color, shape and more. Most often, graphic design is for marketing materials and copywriting.  … Read more

SEO Ranking and Its Factors

You can Google “SEO ranking factors ” and find hundreds of articles on the various tactics and factors. Sure, you can spend all of the hours in the day doing research and taking notes. You may even be confident in how useful your research outcome will be when you implement it into your own SEO  … Read more

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5 Perks of Hiring a Professional Web Developer

So, you’re sitting there thinking what a waste of time and money it will be to simply hire a web developer to build your website. Honestly, you think you can do it yourself. With that in mind, you go on the internet, find a templates, throw it together with some content and boom — it’s crap.  … Read more