Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is an essential factor toward having your businesses viewed and recognized by users. Whether you’re a brick and mortar company or a fully online one, it’s important that your target audience can easily find you in search results. As more and more people begin to use the internet every day, Cleverly Creative works with you to build a customized search engine optimization strategy.

Within each strategy, our team aims to assist you in increasing search engine visibility. Through a number of proven techniques, we are able to track, monitor and analyze your business’ online presence. By collecting this data, it allows us to easily see the who, what, where and why of your website traffic, as well as implement the proper strategies for proven success.

Page One SEO Strategies

Cleverly Creative understand the importance of being properly viewed in search engines, so we take proper initiative to get you on page one of a search engine lookup. We implement keyword research, analytics, search engine metrics and more to make this happen. Being on page one of a search engine lookup can impact the traffic and engagement for your company.

Keywords and Statistics

We understand that search engines are always always updating their algorithms, so this is why we are always updating our SEO strategies. There is no way a search result can appear on page one and stay there forever. Instead, we understand this and our goal is to always update your SEO to ensure the quality of your search engine results. Keyword research and analytics are constantly searched for and updated as competitors rise and fall. Since more than 80% of searchers click on links located on the first page, our tactics are ensure through website audits and keyword banks. The quality of our online marketing and SEO beats those of other due to our constant research and statistic analysis.