Search Engine Optimization

Don’t fall behind your competitors.

Almost every small business owner or nonprofit wants nothing to do with search engine optimization. And, honestly, we can’t blame them. With so many scams and “get to the #1 spot on Google” scams out there, it’s hard to have any faith in SEO. The truth is though, you really do need to care about optimizing your website for the search engines. Cleverly Creative can help lay out clear steps to reach your end goals — keeping you in the loop the entire time.

SEO for small businesses

Understanding SEO for small businesses and nonprofits like no other.

When Cleverly Creative was founded, we made a decision to work exclusively with small businesses and nonprofits. That means, we not only have worked with hundreds of companies just like yours, but we understand what you’re looking for in a search engine optimization campaign — honesty, transparency and clean cut results.

With what you are looking for in mind, our team ensures each step is carefully planned and executed. Of course, with you in the know all along the way. Additionally, we send monthly progress reports to show new links, position tracking and more, so you always know we’re hard at work for you.



Discovering ways to increase visibility.

Through a variety of proven techniques, Cleverly Creative is able to position your company’s website in a way that allows for increased traffic, conversions and overall visibility. From link building to press releases and guest posting, there are a number of ways to boost your website above and beyond your competitors.

What we do

Our team provides a full suite of SEO for small businesses and nonprofits that ties perfectly with our copywriting services:

  • Keyword research
  • Sitemap architecture
  • Schema markup for enhanced search result appearance
  • SEO audits
  • Local listing optimization
  • Local SEO
  • SEO Strategies
  • Backlink Building

Explore your full potential.

Maybe you aren’t selling online yet and could be or maybe you aren’t seeing enough local traffic to your store anymore. Whatever the case may be, some good old-fashioned search engine optimization may be just what your website needs. While SEO is typically an on-going process, even a small revamp to fix key issues can provide you with results! Seriously, let us just audit your website today for free to see what elements we can fix up immediately. Simply fill out the information below and we will email you a webpage audit shortly.