About the Company

Coordinated Care Health Solutions provides support to physicians and medical professionals. Through their quality laboratory services, clinical research and more, physicians are able to easily obtain the necessary information regarding their patients.


  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS
  • Provide a safe-guarded place for medical professionals to login and obtain pertinent resources


  • Website Design
  • Custom WordPress
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Member Only Area

Getting to Know Coordinated Care Health Solutions

When Coordinated Care Health Solutions approached us, the local business had a number of connections and resources available in print. However, the company lacked a website for medical professional to quickly obtain forms and testing information.

By working with the company to gather all pertinent information, as well as formulate goals for the website, we were able to map out an easily searchable website. Overall, we were able to produce a website with a minimalistic design for busy medical professionals to easily obtain the right information.

Brand Requirements & Design Concepts

Since Coordinated Care Health Solutions already had established objectives, as well as a number of services to highlight, we wanted to ensure the site met a variety of needs. First, we focused on keeping the site as minimal as possible. This was partly due to most users being in a hurry to print the information for their patients. This coupled with providing a safe place for medical professionals to obtain resources, gives users the ability to easily obtain the information necessary for the task at hand.

Putting It All Together

Since Coordinated Care Health Solutions’ website is meant to aid medical professionals in lab testing services, the site was designed with them in mind first. The fully-responsive website allows these users to easily access the website from any device, as well as pull up the necessary resources to complete testing.

The custom designed and developed Coordinated Care Health Solutions’ website ensures medical professionals always have access to the resources they need most for their patients.

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