About the Company

Dale Construction Corporation provides construction of high end custom homes to South Florida, as well as estate maintenance programs. With immaculate designs and execution, the company continues to “wow” their customer-base from architecture to interior design.


  • Expand and reorganize content to showcase completed construction projects
  • Reorganize current content for enhanced search-ability and browse-ability of the website’s content
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS


  • Website Re-design
  • Custom WordPress
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Integrated Project Galleries

Getting to Know Dale Construction

When Dale Construction approached us, the local South Florida business had a fantastic relationship with the community and their clients. However, with a GoDaddy website builder website, their site just wasn’t up to par with the immaculate homes they’re constructing. It was essentially lacking the brand’s style, as well as the right resources for their audience.

By meeting with the client and reviewing previous projects, we worked together to create a unique web design that showcased the company’s beautifully homes. With easy navigation and a mobile-first approach taken, we were able to greatly improve the user experience of the website.

Brand Requirements & Design Concepts

Since Dale Construction already had an established brand, as well as a number of completed projects to highlight, we wanted to ensure the site showcased each one just right. For this reason, we focused on implementing well organized galleries for each completed project. Even more so, on capturing the most elegant photos right on the homepage. With the newly designed website, visitors can now easily navigate between various projects, find plans or reach out for their next project idea in just seconds.

Putting It All Together

While you may not necessarily be looking to build your dream home on the ocean just yet, you are now able to easily see Dale Construction’s portfolio and learn about high end construction in no time. The fully-responsive website provides you with the necessary information to choose the right contractor for your next project.

The redesigned Dale Construction website captures the vision of the company, as well as their dedication to each construction project the company undertakes.

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