About the Company

Door Systems of South Florida provides commercial garage door installation, service and repairs. With their office in Pompano Beach, Door Systems of South Florida aids its customers by offering 24/7 emergency services, as well as maintenance programs.


  • Website re-design outdated Joomla website to a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS
  • Expand and reorganize content for optimal user experience
  • Generate copy to enhance presence in search engines, as well as implement Schema markup
  • Reorganize the products and services for enhanced search-ability and browse-ability


  • Website Re-Design
  • Custom WordPress
  • Product Organization
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Brand Positioning

Getting to Know Door Systems of South Florida

When Door Systems of South Florida approached us, the local business had a fantastic relationship with community. However, they were not obtaining the results from their website they had hoped for. The company was in need of a total website redesign. Although, the company was continuing to grow, their website was lacking the resources and necessary care to be seen by their target audience.

By meeting with the owner of the company and thoroughly covering the pain points of the website, we were able to layout a design that simply made sense. Together, we gathered the products and specs. for each, which was then compiled into a well organized machine. Now any user can find just the part of service they are looking for.

Brand Requirements & Design Concepts

Since Door Systems of South Florida already had an established brand through The Overhead Door, as well as a distinct set of services and available products, we wanted to ensure the site showcased each one perfectly. For this reason, we focused on ensuring each product was well organized in the site. Even more so, that each service was clearly defined and that the search functionality quickly finds what the user is looking for on the site. Although, they shouldn’t have any trouble, as now visitors can easily find what their looking for with this intuitive user experience.

Putting It All Together

Even though, you generally only need commercial garage door service when it happens to malfunction, when you do need to call in you’ll be able to easily do so on their newly redesigned website. The fully-responsive website can be accessed from any device and allows you to easily call, email or find exactly what you are looking for.

The website redesign for Door Systems of South Florida showcases the company’s mission, as well as their key services and products.

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