About the Company

ITS Simplified is an information technology company that specializes in providing businesses with the best IT solutions for their everyday needs. Through 24/7 support, network security and more, ITS Simplified is easily able to keep their customers up to date and functioning.


  • Reorganize current content for enhanced search-ability and browse-ability of the website’s content
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS


  • Website Re-Design
  • Custom WordPress
  • SEO & Analytics

Getting to Know ITS Simplified

When ITS Simplified approached us, the local business was using a site built with GoDaddy’s site builder. Looking for help in enhancing their online presence, the company needed help in fully re-vamping their website.

By meeting with the client, we were able to work with the client to create a uniquely designed and easily navigable website. Together, we were able to enhance the overall experience for users visiting the company’s website, as well as thoroughly explain the services offered.

Brand Requirements & Design Concepts

Since ITS Simplified was simply looking to enhance how they appeared online, we wanted to ensure their website was simple and to the point. That way we could focus on the amazing services they offer. Even more so, the happy clients the company has. Now, visitors are able to easily understand what the company offers, who is behind it and reach out for help within this fully-responsive website.

Putting It All Together

Every company needs IT services at one point or another. Whether your company has an in-house team to handle this or not, it’s important to understand what you are getting when hiring any IT company and now you can at ITS Simplified’s newly redesigned website. The fully-responsive website allows you easily contact the company, obtain remote support and more.

The redesigned ITS Simplified website boasts the care Anthony puts behind each client, as well as the wide spectrum of IT services provided by the company.

Visit Completed Site

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