About the Company

Peak Speech Therapy is located in Denver, Colorado and provides at-home speech therapy services. For those suffering from a wide array of speech related health problems, Peak Speech Therapy can assist you.


  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS
  • Organize content for enhanced search-ability and browse-ability of the website’s content
  • Implement search engine optimization and Schema markup for enhanced visibility in search results


  • Website Design
  • Custom WordPress
  • SEO & Analytics

Getting to Know Peak Speech Therapy

When Peak Speech Therapy approached us, the new business had not even opened yet. With initial preparation underway to successfully launch their business, the client was in need of help. While the company knew what they wanted to achieve online, they were not entirely sure of how to achieve it.

Through a series of meetings, we were able to work with the client to fully understand what their needs were online, as well as how their users would be using the website. Together, we were able to strategize a plan on how to make the website’s launch most impactful.

Brand Requirements & Design Concepts

Since Peak Speech Therapy is a new business with no online presence or brand awareness, we wanted to make sure the website made a serious splash. With a logo already developed and a clear vision of the company’s goals, we wanted to focus on showcasing their specialized services, as well as how their expertise can help those struggling with speech impairments. Now, visitors can easily contact the company to receive care, as well as learn more about the services offered.

Putting It All Together

Whether you are looking for basic information regarding speech impairments or services from a speech pathologist, you can start with Peak Speech Therapy and learn. The custom designed WordPress website provides you with easy access to their services, as well as additional educational material from external links.

The newly custom designed and developed Peak Speech Therapy website fosters the caring heart the company has for helping those with struggling from a speech impairment.

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