Whether you’re a small business that’s not looking to break the bank when it comes to online marketing or a startup that needs to make a serious splash, we would love to hear more about you and your business.

Our Mission

To empower small businesses and nonprofits online by providing innovative digital solutions that save time, cut costs and increase their return on investment.



Our Values


Be the solution; not the problem.

Always aim to solve the problem at hand in an efficient and timely manner.

There’s always more to learn.

Our industry is ever-expanding, so it’s imperative that we forever remain students.

We always do what we say we will.

There’s no frills or fluff around here, just us doing exactly what we say we will do.

We believe in you and your dreams.

You are an inspiration and there’s nothing more we want then for you to succeed.



Meet Rebecca.

Rebecca Flad | Cleverly Creative LLCRebecca Flad is the founder of Cleverly Creative LLC, a no-frills marketing and consulting company that assists small businesses and nonprofits succeed in their online endeavors.

Born and raised in Delray Beach, Florida, Rebecca was brought up within an entrepreneurial family from the start. With her father running a successful HVAC-R company and her mother selling homemade crafts, the drive to build something from scratch and provide a service was deeply ingrained in her at a young age.

In early 2010, a job offer from an international drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, Narconon, arose in Oklahoma. Rebecca took the position, which was to assist recovering addicts with learning disabilities or other difficulties understanding the program material. She was responsible for helping each individual under her care overcome these obstacles, so they could successfully learn, understand and duplicate the necessary life skills upon completing their program.

During her employment at the drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, she was introduced to online marketing. A co-worker in the marketing department was overflowed with work. Knowing Rebecca well, he reached out for some assistance with copywriting and search engine optimization. After just one project, she just wanted to keep learning more about online marketing, web development and everything in between.

Her passion for everything digital only continued to grow. Upon leaving her position at the rehab, she returned back to Florida where she continued working in the marketing industry full-time. After a few years, Rebecca went back to work for the drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility, Narconon. This time she was at their Michigan location. Within a year, she was promoted to Director of Online Marketing.

Since leaving her position as Director of Online Marketing, Rebecca has dedicated herself to helping her clients succeed online, as well as continuing to educate herself on the ever-changing arena of technology.

Rebecca also enjoys gardening, being outdoors, going on hikes with her two dogs, volunteering and being politically active in her community. As a 2016 National Delegate and former CASA volunteer, Rebecca takes great pride in improving and bettering the community for all.



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